The war of the throne in Marseille, episode 12: Bruno Gilles, betrayed and revenge

In episode 11: In the wake of its leader Stéphane Ravier, the National Rally unfolds its program by observing with delight the divisions of its opponents.

In Marseille, we call it a “little paradise.” Three bowling alleys in peace and without the slightest false rebound, plane trees for shade and a long counter where we serve an aperitif, pastis or anisette, in a clubhouse with the look of a chalet."It's all thanks to Bruno.He's a local kid, he takes care of us."Quadra sharp, Fabrice Grégoire is president of La Boule Vallier, the" little paradise "in question.A club of a hundred members, completely renovated in 2014" by Bruno "and hidden from view.Here, we practice pétanque but especially the long one, this original Provençal game where the shooter makes three small leaps before releasing his ball.

The Bruno we are talking about is obviously Senator Les Républicains Bruno Gilles, four times elected mayor of this 3rd sector of Marseille since 1995, and present, more than ever, in the race for central town hall for March 2020.“Everything the world loves him here, Bruno.He is sincere and he is faithful ", continues Fabrice, the president.His father and the mother of the chosen one were friends.They had met in the bar run by the grand- father of the future parliamentarian, in Chutes-Lavie, a neighboring district."Before, we all knew each other.Today, Marseille has changed", slips the bouliste, a bit nostalgic.In La Boule Vallier, the "Marseille of before However, it does not seem so far away.Around the tables where we play belote region, we come across a lot of municipal employees.And many are inserted Force Ouvrière, the majority and omnipotent union which boasts, without exaggerating too much, to “be able to lose the elections”.

Posted Date: 2020-12-20

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