Mountain | Shelters : reopening under conditions after June 2nd

Plasticised mattress pads on mattresses, dividing walls or Plexiglas between berths, staggered rising times, down or individual disposable sheets obligatory…The shelters may well reopen after June 2, confirmed this Thursday the Secretary of State for Ecological Transition Emmanuelle Wargon, but in a new way.The last meeting of the steering group concerning the reopening of these accommodations in Covid-19 weather led on Tuesday evening to a draft health protocol. The prefect of Savoy, Louis Laugier coordinated this reflection in which the president of the National Council of the Mountain, the deputy of the Haut-Alpes Joël Giraud (LREM) participated.

Some shelters (not all) will operate at reduced capacity.In the Mont-Blanc Massif, according to the French Federation of Alpine and Mountain Clubs (FFCAM), all the large buildings, such as Argentière, Albert 1er, Cosmiques, or the Goûter and Tête Rousse on the way to the roof of the Alps, are ready to open with 80 to 85 % of places available to promote the social distancing of the guarding teams.For small, isolated refuges, with a fragile model, reopening is not guaranteed. So if you are planning to take over or acquire real estate in order to start your own accommodation business, you will need to plan another budget to be able to follow the regulations in force.

Reservation required and charter to be signed

If the managers, the FFCAM, the Vanoise or Pyrenees parks, the guides of Chamonix, the STD have obligations, hikers and mountaineers also commit themselves.Every hiker and climber will have to wear personal protective equipment (hydro-alcoholic gel, mask) and sign a charter of rules and good practices sent back by e-mail at the time of booking, which will be obligatory for traceability reasons. However, failure to comply with this provision has not been accompanied by sanctions. And it will be difficult to do so, as the refuge is also an emergency shelter.

But Emily Cardoso of the shelter guards’ union (SNGRGE) is optimistic that the protocol, which has been approved by the minister, has yet to be approved by the interministerial crisis unit.But Emily Cardoso of the shelter guards’ union (SNGRGE) is optimistic: “It is a general framework because each shelter is unique, varies in its economic model, and will have to adapt its own protocol, to be validated with the commune and the prefecture.It’s not going to be easy. You won’t be able to access a refuge in the same way.”

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